Münchner Philharmoniker / Filarmónica de Munich -Solista de Timbal-

En los cursos 2020 y 2019 Güido Ruckel es profesor del master CSMA y profesor especialista invitado de la Cátedra de Percusión CSMA del Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón.

Güidop Ruckel (Düsseldorf -1971) and grew up in a family which was quite enthusiastic about music, as my father also works as an orchestral musician. After having a go at the recorder and the piano, I was finally allowed to take up the percussion at the age of 12. Soon after this I was already playing in the symphony and wind orchestras of my school, the music-orientated “Georg-Herwegh-Gymnasium” in Berlin-Hermsdorf, as well as in the big band of the music school Berlin-Reinickendorf.

After finishing school with the Abitur exam (university entrance qualification) and playing in various rock-pop-soul combos, I took up a course at the UdK  Berlin (University of Arts – at that time HdK, i.e. College of Arts) to become a secondary-school teacher of music. After three semesters I changed my main subject to study percussion with Thomas Lutz and Hans Ulrich. During this time I was lucky to play as the regular timpanist in the youth orchestra of Berlin-Reinickendorf and in the „Sibelius orchestra“, both conducted by Mark Poillet, where I gained valuable experience. Following a three-year membership of the “Junge Deutsche Philharmonie” and a one-year placement with the “Berliner Sinfoniker”, I was enrolled at the “Karajan Academy” of the Berliner Philharmoniker in 1996, where I was trained by Rainer Seegers and Franz Schindlbeck.

I play, on a temporary basis, in the big orchestras of Germany (Berlin Philharmonic, Bayerische Staatsoper, Radiosinfonieorchestras of Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt) and in internationally renowned orchestras, such as the „Super World Orchestra“ in Japan and the „Arturo Toscanini Orchestra“ in Italy conducted by Lorin Maazel. Since 2000 I have been working as a specialist lecturer for percussion and chamber music at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. I teach at the music school Augsburg/Nuremberg and had a teaching assignment on the subject of kettledrums in the percussion class of Franz Lang at the College of Music in Trossingen for 5 semesters.

In 1997 Güido Ruckel  became solo timpanist at the Münchner Philharmoniker.

Miembro de la “Karajan Academy” de la Berliner Philharmoniker en 1996, realizó estudios con Rainer Seegers and Franz Schindlbeck, participando con la Berlin Philharmonic, Bayerische Staatsoper, Radiosinfonieorchestras de Hamburgo, Munich y  Frankfurt así como la Super World Orchestra“ en Japón y la  Arturo Toscanini Orchestra“ en Itala dirigido por Lorin Maazel. Profesor de percusión y música de cámara en  el Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival y en  la escuela de Augsburg/Nuremberg, Güido Ruckel desde 1997 es timbal solo de la Filarmónica de Munich.