2012 Noé Rodrigo Gisbert CSMA2014

2012 Irene Rodriguez Rodríguez CSMA2014

2010 Alfonso Salar Ruiz CSMA2012

2010 Hector Marqués Marqués CSMA2012

2007 Luís Manuel Cuartero Oliveros CSMA2010

2007 Diego Aldonza (Crespo CSMA2010

2006 Rubén García  Sebastián CSMA2006

2005 Fernando Llopis Mata CSMA2006

Conductor Arthur Arnold believes there is a future in music for young people with passion and commitment.

“Music is so much a part of who we are, what we need in life. It’s a necessity when something big happens, like what we saw during 9/11. Once the streets of New York were clear and safe, people formed choirs and began to sing hymns and other music.”

Arnold is the conductor and creative spirit behind the Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy [PRISMA]. Between June 18 and 28, PRISMA will help up to 84 young musicians from all over the world prepare for a future in music. Currently the chief conductor of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Arthur sees Powell River as the perfect location in which to nurture young talent. “We’re in kind of a nature retreat here, with none of the distractions of the big city. Powell River’s devotion to music is really high. It’s an enormous advantage.”